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A Complete DeFi Platform, Secure and Easy-to-Use.

Becoming an Investor

EADX is a Decentralized Exchange developed on Smart Chain with an easy-to-use platform for common users and advanced users.


High Passive Income

If you are an EADX token holder, make passive income and receive your profits using all the resources of a DeFi platform


Our roadmap is a plan where we take on the most complex problems and turn them into great solutions

  • First Semester 2023

    ● DeFi Platform Development.
    ● Community creation on Telegram.
    ● Creation of Twitter and Instagram.
    ● Launch of DeFi Platform Beta version.
    ● Launch of the EADX platform's native token.
    ● Listing of the EADX token on the LATOKEN Exchange.
    ● Launch of the EADX 220% APY Stake on LATOKEN.
    ● Listing on CoinMarketCap
    ● Listing on Binance Tracker
    ● Listing on Coinbase Tracker
    ● Listing on Crypto.com Tracker

  • Second Semester of 2023

    ● Launch of DeFi EADX Platform in version 1.0
    ● Listing token EADX on DexTrade Exchange 
    ● Launch for Launchpad of the EADX Finance platform.
    ● Launch of Lottery on Platform EADX Finance.
    ● Telegram Community Growth 10,000 members.
    ● Growth across all social networks.
    ● Listing on Bitrue Exchange.
    ● Listing on Coingecko.
    ● Marketing Campaigns and Partnerships.
    ● Launch of the NFT Marketplace on the EADX Finance Platform.
    ● Marketing Campaigns and Partnerships.
    ● Listing of the EADX Finance Android App on Google Play.
    ● Listing of the EADX Finance IOS App on the Apple Store.
    ● Launch of Staking and Yeld Farm on the EADX Finance Platform.

  • First Semester of 2024.

    ● Listing on Bithumb Exchange.
    ● Telegram Community Growth 15,000 members.
    ● Listing on P2pB2b Exchange.
    ● Growth in all social networks.
    ● Marketing Campaigns and Partnerships.
    ● Launch of DeFi Platform version 2.0
    ● CoinMarketCap Top 10 Exchange Listing.

  • Second Semester of 2024

    ● Marketing Campaigns and Partnerships.
    ● Listing on CoinMarketCap's Top 10 Exchanges.
    ● Community Growth on Telegram 25,000 members.
    ● Growth of all social networks.
    ● And much more...

Trackers and Partnerships

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